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Performance and properties of Swareflex glass elements
SWAREFLEX reflectors employ the principle of spherical retro-reflection: if a beam of light hits a retro-reflective optical system, it is reflected back to its point of origin, irrespective of the direction from which the beam strikes the reflector.
The shape of the glass element is calculated precisely by computer to achieve optimum reflection. The backs of the glass elements are finished with a highly reflective, silvered mirror layer and several special protective layers.

As a reflector is subjected to enormous mechanical stress from vehicles, its surface must be as resistant as possible. Glass is the best material for this type of load.

SWAREFLEX glass elements are embedded in various plastics depending on their application. These plastics, with their special characteristics, are perfectly suited to outdoor use.

The combination of glass elements and high-quality plastics produces an exceptionally long product life, and remains unrivalled by other technologies.
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